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A former Saharawi political prisoner tells his story and unmasks Morocco terrorism lies

Saharawi political prisoner Mohamed Dihani, picture from his Facebook

Seizing this quarantine, a former Saharawi political prisoner began a series of facebook lives to tell his story of political detention, his journey into hell and exposing Moroccan dangerous play with terrorism fire for political and financial goals.

A journey into hell

Mohamed Dihani was arbitrary detained after coming to celebrate the release of one of his family members. He was kidnapped to find himself in Tmara, a city beside the Moroccan capital Rabat, one thousand km far from El Aaiun in occupied Western Sahara where the kidnapping had taken place.

There, in Tmara secret detention center, Daihani faced extreme human degrading treatment and was subject to the most brutal forms of torture that almost claimed his life. He described unimaginable methods of physical and psychological torture in that secret center and in Ezzaki prison in the other Moroccan neighbouring city of Sale. ‘I spent four years in solitary confinement ; one year and half in a cell of one meter per two meters and three years deprived of having a sunbathe. I took a break only inside a hall of about 15 meters for half an hour and the whole walls were painted in grey and black ; colours used to weaken the detainees’ memory’ he said.

Fake terrorists cells

During his journey into Moroccan horrible jails, Daihani met many Moroccan detainees, some of whom had been incarcerated on terrorism charges. Daihani recited the story of the Moroccan R. Hicham who had been subject to blackmail in exchange for his release ; he had to turn into an informer and was sent by the Moroccan secret services to infiltrate the Qaida terrorist ranks operating in the north of Mali but ended up fighting with them from 2005 till 2007. He got detained in 2007 when he came back from Mali as he refused to provide the Moroccan secret services with special information.
This Moroccan ex-jihadist unveiled another plot that aimed at assassinating the former Polisario leader Mohamed Abdelaziz. This Moroccan informer had also been proposed for this mission by recruiting Saharawis in that terrorist act but the plot seems to have been concealed.

The meeting with Moroccan detainees in Moroccan prisons, Daihani discovered the true nature of the terrorist cells that Morocco oftentimes claims to have dismantled to conclude that all these terrorist groups and its dismantling is a pure fabrication by the Moroccan secret services. The “Amgala terrorist cell” that comprised military and civil affiliates and that Morocco claimed to have dismantled in January 2011 was a total scam. It came directly after the firm condemnation of the EU of the brutal dismantling of the Gdeim izik camp that the Saharawis had organised in 2010 in protest of Morocco ongoing occupation and meagre living conditions.

Daihani met the detainees of this so called “Amgala cell”, whose most members weirdly didn’t even practice the islamic rituals as the prayer, asserted that all the court accusations had been based on completely false claims. The prosecuter at the court couldn’t justify the presence of weaponry with which they had been convicted and even the judicial minutes incorporated totally different accusations devoid of any arms possession or terrorist affiliation. The Amgla terrorist cell is a clear cut example of how Morocco uses fake terrorism for pure political and financial gains.

Even worse, Daihani talked about how he himself was subject to blackmail. The Moroccan secret services proposed to release him in exchange of orchestrating terrorist acts in occupied Western Sahara. He was offered to conduct bombings, assassination of local high figures and create an all pervasive fear. A terrorist campaign of which the Moroccans were aiming to strike many birds with one stone: send a message to the world that Western Sahara is a hub of terrorism that threatens international security and that Morocco’s presence in this territory is paramount to security and the fight against terrorism, put the blame on local Saharawi militants and wage a huge campaign of detention among them and charge them with heavy sentences. Accuse Polisario of fomenting, financing terrorist groups and thus discredit its image by linking the Polisario to the Qaida and other international terrorist organisations, tightening its firm grip on this occupied territory and last but not least cadge money off European and American institutions by displaying Morocco as the reliable policeman in the region.


To be continued,

Khalil Asmar

Posted on May 2, 2020.


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