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Moroccan ‘health care’

According to numbeo Morocco ranked last out of 89 countries when it comes to the health care Index.

Moroccan health care is widely known for its disastrous condition.

On a daily basis people die by lack of medical care. There is a lack of medical staff, hygiene, equipment, knowledge, funds, managment and transparency.

Most medical doctors have a ‘second job’ in private clinics, mostly owned by themselves.

Members of the government all travel to France when they need medical care. The Moroccan king Mohamed the 6th, his friends Ali El Himma and Aziz Akhannouch are known for visiting the same clinic in Paris France for medical treatment, since the local hospitals don’t even provide basic care.

Numbeo is a collaborative online database which enables users to share and compare information about the cost of living, crime rates, pollution, traffic and health care between countries and cities

Numbeo is mentioned or used as a source in many major newspapers around the world, including Forbes, Business Insider, Time, The Economist, BBC, The New York Times, China Daily, The Telegraph.


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