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Prisoner dies after 50 days of hunger strike

On the day of the sacrificial feast, a prisoner in the hospital in Larache died as a result of a hunger strike that lasted 50 days, said Achkayen.

The prisoner was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment for trafficking in hard drugs. The victim insisted that he was innocent, demanded the reopening of the investigation and a confrontation with the person who accused him.However, the victim’s demand was not met.

When his body collapsed as a result of the hunger strike, he was taken to the hospital in Larache where he died.

The legal system in Morocco is corrupt and many innocent people are being put and kept in prison. The EU ‘grants’ millions of euros a year to the Moroccan regime to ‘improve’ the judicial system. King Mohamed VI is also the president of the ‘High Judicial Council’, and the Moroccan constitution also calls him the ‘guarantee of the independence of the judiciary’.



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