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Riffian political prisoners including Nasser Zefzafi renounce the Moroccan citizenship

The leader of the Riffian movement and political prisoner Nasser Zefzafi in during a demonstration in Al Houceima; RIF 2019

A number of detainees of “RIF movement” including Nasser Zafzafi, Nabil Ahmjik, Zakaria Adahchour, Samir Ighid, Mohamed Haki and Wassim El Boustati decided to withdraw loyalty from King Mohamed VI & relinquish Moroccan citizenship as a political reaction to the escalation of state, especially human rights officials, who are demanding more pressure on prisoners.

The Riffian also say that from now on they will hold the Moroccan state responsible for any physical or mental damage that the activists will suffer. They also ask the international community and authorities to monitor their case and situation.

Below the translation of the complete communication of the political Detainees:

We, the signatories of the Riffian People’s Movement ( Hirak) are political prisoners in the Moroccan prisons against which retaliatory judgments have been handed down because of our beliefs, political views and the principles of the Riffian People’s Movement, which are critical to the current political climate in Morocco.
After maintaining our calm and tranquility since our arrest, we can only conclude that a reckless political decision has been made as an official response to the Riffian protests, the People’s Movement and its political prisoners.
This choice is a continuation of a policy based on physical and psychological repression, siege and intimidation as well as political arrests and murder. After our trial at first instance, we are only more convinced that the state uses the judiciary as a supplement to the security services and thus implements its plans and strategies.
As a result, we fully boycotted the appeal process so that we did not become part of a sham trial that served to justify the repression of the state, the Rif, the People’s Movement, and its political prisoners, with the help of the judicial authorities. power. This also fits in with the policy of the Moroccan state whereby the flight ahead is chosen and ruled with the iron fist and domination as a strategic option instead of realizing reason and common sense and acknowledging the failure of government policy, to prevent mistakes by first listening to the voice of our people and their legitimate demands, expressed in the different sets of demands spread over the entire Rif.

Repression was chosen instead of the launch of an actual transition phase based on linking responsibility to accountability, prosecuting corrupt officials and a public apology to the Rif and the Riffians. Instead, the Moroccan state opted for power and oppression by demonizing our people’s movement and using the public media to mislead public opinion. This media spread untruths and lies about the people’s movement, its goals and its message. After that, mosques were used and the religion map used in the political struggle with the aim of mobilizing the masses against our movement. All of this instead of engaging in dialogue, which we have called for from the beginning of the popular movement.

If this was not enough, events were fabricated and initiated to put the people’s movement in trouble in an attempt to stick the violence label on it, such as the events on March 26, 2017 in Imzouren and May 5, 2017 in Boukidaan. The situation even escalated in such a way that they wanted to proceed with direct liquidations, as was the case in Nador. They then accused and charged the activists with damaging their image and losing the credibility and legitimacy enjoyed by public opinion.

The Moroccan state plays a game continued unabated, unyielding and stubborn to the point where the security forces were mobilized against the people. Later they also issued a statement from the majority parties accusing the Riffians of separatism which is a blatant violation of the role that a government has as an institution. This was followed by the accusation that the Riffians were in possession of rebellious genes. An accusation made by the Public Prosecution Service after our arrests by the Moroccan state. Proof of the absence of a State with working institutions, the image with which Morocco appears on the world stage.

This is in addition to the violence and repression of unarmed Riffians, the detention of minors and women and the persecution of thousands of people for their outspoken views. This response is therefore considered an outright violation and contrary to the provisions of international treaties and treaties signed by the Moroccan state. The most sacred right, namely the right to live guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is also being violated in which the murder of the martyrs Mohsin Fikri and Imad Al Atabi and Abdelhafid El Haddad as well as the martyrs of 20 February 2011 in Al Hoceima, as an example and the whole issue of which they want to cover up.

The method of forced submission that the Moroccan authorities use against us, starting with falsifying the interrogations and the physical and mental torture as an instrument to punish us. The latter was recognized by an earlier report from the National Council for Human Rights. But that report was covered up by the authorities to mask her political crime since that report is proof of the torture we were undergoing.

Opposite directing and controlling the judiciary to condemn us and getting rid of the evidence that proves our complete innocence. On the other hand, the principle of neutrality and the innocence of the suspect was undermined by completely copying the story of the police.

  • Against the constant intimidation against us within the Moroccan prisons by spreading and provoking us in all forms that harm human dignity.
    Faced with harassing our families by mentally intimidation, keeping an eye on them and depriving them of a constitutional right to organize themselves in a civilian framework to follow our file.
  • Against the constant siege of the Rif by the security apparatus as a result of the military decree. And because the Moroccan state is determined to maintain its traditional and authoritarian structure and to ignore the sounds that call for an end to it and make the transition to a modern and civilian state.
  • Against the absence of a real social contract that recognizes the sanctity of the law and which puts into practice the rights and duties of the people and the ruler, in whose name the unjust judgments were pronounced against us.
  • And against the termination of all our rights as full citizens, as well as the deprivation of our freedom. Because our rights have been deprived by violence in a systematic way and because we are treated as prisoners of war and not as citizens, we explain national and international public opinion as follows:

1: We, in our full mental and physical powers, are determined and have decided to renounce the Moroccan nationality, as well as the abandonment of the “pledge of allegiance” (Albay’a) via the publication of this communication .

2: From now on we hold the Moroccan state directly responsible for any mental or physical damage that affects us.

3: From now on we hold the international community and its bodies responsible for monitoring our file.

We point out that the content of this communication stems from a strong conviction and is an inevitable consequence of our case and our situation, which is a continuity of the Moroccan State’s historic policy against the Rif, which is based on exclusion, oppression, contempt and all forms of political, cultural, social, economic and psychological oppression. The words of Mohamed Sellam Amezian “we and they are directly opposite each other!” Accurately describe this relationship. Because we wanted life and they wanted evil for us, we wanted a homeland for everyone and they wanted a farm just for themselves, in which they despise the people and abuse their riches. We cry for the homeland and sacrifice our most beautiful years and are willing to give our whole lives for it, but we are not willing to carry a document from a state that wants to bury a people, a homeland and a dream of dignity and freedom .

The signatories:

Name: Nasser Zafzafi
Nabil Ahamjik
Zakaria Adahchour
Samir Ighid
Mohamed Haki
Wassim El Boustati

Ras El Maa prison,
Date: August 23, 2019


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