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Royal real estate fraud

Paradise Golf Beach Resort & Atlantic Golf View Resort, Asilah, Tangier

We all know someone who has been a victim of real estate fraud. Nice apartment in Al Hoceima, Nador, Tangier or somewhere else for a nice price. Investing in a luxury real estate project with guaranteed profit. Everything looked beautiful on paper.

But then reality turns out to be hell! That nice apartment turns out to be a badly constructed building where the cracks are already in the walls before it’s finished or even worse, there’s not even a pole in the ground. The same goes for the real estate project you have invested in.

Who is responsible? Where to be? Where can you complain? How are you going to get your money back? Who is going to pay for all the travel and lawyer expenses? A lot of misery awaits you and it turns out that beautiful Morocco is a monster.

A group of British citizens, including some of Moroccan descent, have been through the same thing and have been trying for 12 years now to achieve justice in the land of injustice.

Key figure in this nightmare is Larbi Tadlaoui who, as an accomplice of the Moroccan regime, has made a lot of victims with his company for years. Mr. Tadlaoui works for projects launched by the king. In January 2016 he was ‘arrested’ in Morocco and released on 31 May 2017. During his detention, his business partner Mr. Guang Huang continued with the real estate fraud.

Mr. Tadlaoui has been staying in Spain for some time now, presumably near Marbella, and in the meantime his victims are still facing against a wall of injustice.

Their advice is to everyone:


Below is a short summary of their story with below the link to their website for more information about their situation.

“In 2006, the Moroccan government gave land to the development company Atlantic Beach Paradise Resort SARL for the construction of an 18-hole Steve Ritson design golf course, swimming pools and about 400 attractive apartments and villas (a project of 45 million pounds). The property is located between Asilah (a beautiful Moorish town) and Tangier overlooking the beach.

The development has been promoted in numerous marketing brochures/websites as part of ‘Vision 2010’ – the project of King Mohammed VI – which would bring thousands of new tourists to Morocco. Off-plan properties were bought by up to 800 investors from different countries.”



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