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The attack on the plane of the king of Morocco 1972 (part 5)

Aerial photo of Kenitra

The Moroccan army committed a failed coup on July 10, 1971 against the king in the palace of Skhirat. The following year Air Force officers commit a new coup, this time the plane of King Hassan II, on the return trip from France, was attacked in the air by fighter jets.

In the near future, the Amazigh Information Centum will publish more short articles on this historical event. We will do this by means of testimonies of persons who were present during this incident, such as the fighter pilot Salah Hachad or referencing books of critical authors such as Gilles Perrault, Stephen Smith or various newspaper articles.

 Port Lyautey / Kenitra, largest US army base

The United States built military bases, radar stations and other military facilities in Morocco during the Second World War and the Cold War. The US defense personnel were permanently present in Morocco. The naval and air force base Kenitra was built by France in 1933 during the French occupation. The area where the base is located was conquered by the US in 1942 from the French Vichy regime during Operation Torch.

Nearly 10,000 Americans were stationed at Kenitra Air Force Base in the 1950s, making Kenitra the largest US overseas base outside of Japan. It was a closed American town within Morocco with all necessary facilities.  Kenitra is located at a distance of 40 km from Rabat. After 1956, the Moroccan air force also used part of this air base where the Moroccan third air force base is housed (BAFRA 3). The American army left Kenitra’s army base in 1977.

Source: https://medium.com/@AmazighInformatieCentrum/de-aanslag-op-het-vliegtuig-van-de-koning-van-marokko-1972-deel-5-84acbe59549b

Translated by: Najat M.


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